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Services We Offer: 
Offering a wide range of cardiac services:

Office visits:

  • Cardiovascular disease consultation

  • Interventional Cardiology Consultation

  • Preoperative Cardiac Evaluation before non-cardiac surgery

  • Follow up Cardiac Care after a recent hospitalization

Cardiac testing including:  

    - EKG

    - Echocardiogram

    - Transesophageal Echocardiogram

    - Electrical Cardioversion for atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter

    - Treadmill stress testing

    - Stress testing using Nuclear Imaging with or without exercise

    - Stress echocardiogram with exercise

    - Cardiac Monitoring with Holter, 14 day long-term monitoring, and implantable loop recorders

    - Calcium score and coronary CTA

Cardiac invasive procedures including: 

   - Radial and femoral coronary angiograms and right heart catherizations

   - Placement of insertable cardiac monitors

   - Stenting and treatment of coronary artery stenosis

   - Complex high risk  and indicated percutaneous coronary intervention (CHIP) with Left Ventricular Assist Device support

Image by Jason Briscoe
        Preventive Cardiac Care:


Schedule a consultation in our preventative care practice. Specializing in risk assessment for heart disease and preventative care

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